Online admission cancellation process of the National University

From now on all the information about the cancellation of the admission of the National University will be available on the National University web website. The student does not need to come to the National University for the admission of admission. The process of canceling online admission is given below:

national university notice


Admission cancel Instruction Download PDF File


How to Apply: To cancel online admission, go to the National Menu of the National University ( and go to the Student Login and register. Download this PDF file to know the registration process.

Once registered, the link must be logged in. After logging in, click on Academic Services on the left and get a list of Academic Services for Student. Click on Admission Cancel on this list and get the clearance application form. If the National University approves the application, the approval will be given on the letter Dasboard by entering the User Name and Password during the registration of the student / student.

Attachments that need to be submitted with the application:-

1.College Forwarding
2.Online admission application
3.Registration card
After doing online, pay duly paid bank draft. After that the copy will be submitted to the college.

Note that all the students of the National University’s Bachelor (Pass) category, who have got admission in honors 1st year and other public universities, will have to cancel admission of the Education year degree (PASS) course.