Outsourcing and Freelancing Bangla Book

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Outsourcing and Freelancing Bangla Book

Freelancing / antisocial / heard about the work. We want to know about this!

When a person or institution or organization of his own work was done in-house with the outer one, he is the outsourcing. The world’s major companies to outsource their work from professionals outside the country. Indeed, Steve Jobs of Apple will be heard! Strange thing is, iPhone in China phaksakana outsourced from the company. Outsourcing may be more personal level. Now the question might arise in your mind, why the person or institution or person from the other companies that outsource? There may be a lot of reasons, such as the need to work … quality, wage rates, the team of people who are not experts, to save time, reduce your workload, risk management and reduce the cost of office and hire apacuniti apply constant is outsourced.

The freelancer is a person who worked without any long-term contract with the organization. Let me give an example, an organization needs to design their own website. They design the website if you want to keep an Employee cost thousands per month will have to pay the money. Web Design is the only required once. Therefore, the design of their website for the company that is looking for someone who knows how to web design. Now, if you have cuktibhittikabhabe the organization’s website, the company was sold to the additional costs. Also will benefit. That was the task that you cuktibhittikabhabe basically freelancing. Determining the type of work as a phrilyansarera freedom, there is also the freedom to work whenever. Office of the traditional 9am to 5pm is sbimabaddha freelancers. Thanks to the Internet is now freelancing is not related to a specific place. If you have any skills with a computer and Internet connection, and then you sit anywhere Freelancing can do outsourcing. Who wants to outsource the job done, and who wants to freelancing is needed to bring the two sides of links and co-ordination, such as marketplace oDesk, Freelancer and ilyansa. There are different categories on the site of the project, if the efficiency of Anyone can bid on the work. Highlights of the presentation will be more clear!

I know more or less about the Internet / I do not know, I can do?

If you want to work to the Internet using a computer and the Internet to know the essential basics. You need to know the basics of computers emaesaoyarda, emaesaeksela, Power Point, etc., and how the Internet is required to find the information, you need to know about mailing and website navigation. Communication is also an important issue when freelancing. English Need for daksatatao. I wanted to start a freelancing career to begin work on the skills involved in the first, then you can work as freelancers. So you have to take the training. What you need to know before you take the training are available online, the choice to take the field like you and your qualifications, what you need to know, what is the future of the field! If you are diligent about search engine optimization, or you can e-mail marketing course. If English is very good and you can make blogging and affiliate marketing. If you like drawing / graphic design creativity you can have. Basic knowledge of design and graphics you and if you can learn web design. Web Development and CMS-based course you also can learn WordPress theme development.

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