Biography of Plato

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Plato ( Platon in ancient Greek) (427 BC – 347 BC) is a world famous Greek philosopher He was a student of Philosophical Socrates and philosopher Aristotle was his student. As such, Plato II among the three most influential philosophers of ancient Greece. The first Socrates and the last Aristotle. They are said to have created the basis of western philosophy. Plato was once known as the author of mathematical and philosophical commentaries. He is the first institution of higher education in the Western world. It was the Academy of Athens. Along with Plato Socrates, there was a profound impact in Sucrates’ immoral death.

The birth
Plato’s exact date of birth could not be known. Earliest experts, through the study of ancient references, think that Plato was born in Athens at Greece sometime in 428 to 427 BC. His father’s name is Eriston. According to the information given by Diogenes Lirtius, Ancestor’s ancestor was King Cadros of Athens and King Melanathus of Messenia. Plato’s mother Periketion, whose family ancestor was a famous Ethnologist and poet Solan. As a result, Plato was the father of both the mother and the father, both of whom had a special lineage. Plato was also handsome and healthy. It is said that everyone was entitled to the shoulders of rectangular shoulders, and everyone called him Plato. Apart from the unique devotion to philosophy, he had several qualities. Notably, he earned great reputation as a soldier and athlete.

Childhood and education
Plato was born in a family that was best suited for education. Plato was able to take advantage of this opportunity. He could receive all the facilities of contemporary education. There was a famous philosophical view of Hirakalitas, there is no real knowledge about the changing senses. According to Aristotle, Plato became acquainted with this philosophical opinion. Also in the life of Plato, philosophy of Parmenides and Pythagoras was affected.

Plato and Socrates
The most influential person in Plato’s life is his teacher, Greatness Socrates. Socrates’s influence in her life is very obvious because all of Socrates’s conversations have been written by Plato. Sucrates was introduced to Plato from his childhood.

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