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Book Name: Bigganer Project
Book Category :  Science Fiction
Book Writer:  Saomen Shaha
Book Format: Portable Document Format – PDF File
Book Language: Bengali
Book Pages: 56
Book Size: 2.01 MB

Book Review: 

The world is rapidly changing, with the touch of science wand, the opening of the new world is going on. With the successful use of this one science and technology, many countries of the world are now living in the gold peak of prosperity. We are much more behind than that. In the present era, the development of the country and the nation is possible through only science and technology. To achieve this goal, the government of our country has organized science fairs in different regions every year. The country’s hungry scientists in the country are finding their discovery, and the common man explores the science and technology of human science. The book of all these science projects. The book describes all the projects that the country has won the first prize in any science fair. This book has been made for those looking forward to discovering some of the new words which have come from now; So that they are able to create new themes from these projects.

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