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rabindranath tagore booksBook Name: Raktakarabi
Book Category: Rabindranath Tagore
Book Writer: Rabindranath Tagore
Book Format: Portable Document Format – PDF File
Book Language: Bengali
Book Pages: 35

Book Size: 137.22 KB

Book Source: mediafire

Book Review:

Raktakarabi Rabindranath Tagore’s signature drama The play is composed in the Shailbah of Shillong in the year 1330. Then it was named Yakspuri. When the expat is published in the month of Ashis in 1331, its name is Raktakarabi. In the drama, how the infinite greed of human life has turned people into mere instruments and necessities of production by denying all the beauty and naturalness of life and this has resulted in how people protested against him. The short story of the play- Prakashosan, the monarch of the king of Jakshpori; His money is unstoppable. He was burnt by the fire of greed and the gold mines kulira In the eyes of the king, the coolies are not the people, they are the only instruments of gold, they are 47a, only 269, they are only small tiny parts of the machinery, they have no value as humans. Here humanity is oppressed and humiliated in humanity. Life is not published in Yaksakpuri. The complete manifestation of life – love and beauty, Nandini is its symbol The King of Jodhpuri of Nandini did not find the fascination of his greed, the monks did not get the honor of his religious education, the laborers did not receive the oppression of oppression and injustice, and Pandit did not get the freedom of slavery. Nandini, a symbol of love and beauty outside the iron mesh of the Gypsy, called all the people; At one moment all the people became amazed by the touch of free life. Raja wanted to get Nandini, as he got gold, grabbed him by the power. But love and beauty can not be achieved in this way. So King Nandini did not get it. Likewise, the motors, scholars, adolescents, couples all look forward to spreading their life in the prana-pracharya and spreading their hands toward the net. But Nandini loves Ranjan, so the love stirred in him. But the barrier of the dyeing machine. This device distinguished his love from life-it is the religion of mechanics and the poet believes it. Nandini’s handy mechanics ended up on the merit of the mechanism and the life won its life again to get love back. And this viewpoint has exploded in many of Rabindranath’s many poems, ganas, plays and stories. In the poet drama, he has discovered a harmony between material mechanics and life.

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