The work of world-wide Rasel

I am Bangladesh Bangladesh going forward with the collective and personal efforts of the people. Bangladesh does not mean just negative news. This is our arrangement of people who are highlighting the country’s faces with their work at home and abroad.

Laptops in the hands of some youth near the rice field They are doing the work together. Rasel Ahmed standing behind them, Rasel Ahmed. He shows how to solve a few problems when he is in trouble. Russell, a last year student of Bheramara Degree College. This young man is heading towards the skies from zero to the sky. Being successful alone alone, doing good income, is not it; Many people in the village are associated with their work. By teaching them, they are looking for ways to earn good income.
Now every month Russell earns from one and a half to two hundred thousand taka outsourcing work abroad in Farakpur village of Bheramara upazila of Kushtia. How is it possible? Let’s know the details.
In 2009, after seeing the computer suddenly in a shop in the village market, Razzle stood up. Every day, after college holidays, they appear to the wonder object. To see him, he wants to learn, the computer has to learn.
Russell was born in 1989. Baba Maqbool Hussain Bachelor’s profession, mother Rehana Parvin Housewife. Parents and parents of three siblings are in the kayaksale. But the computer has made magic of Russell that day. He will teach, work as well as learn computer work. The son’s desire is fulfilled by selling the mother’s earrings. Russell Ahmed got admitted to a computer training center. Add a job for a monthly salary of 100 rupees.
You can earn income from the internet to know. Start learning web design. One day, through the newspaper, the entrepreneur will be appointed to the upazila e-center. Apply there, get a job. Bheramara Upazila Executive Officer Rajibul Islam was interested in earning online. During this time, he started an account with outsourcing training in the website of Get a job too. More work has been done to get the job done. In the first month income of Tk 15 thousand. That’s the end of 2010.
After that, Russell Ahmed did not look back. Learning English language for outsourcing work, with web design, web programming
In October, Rasel’s earning was two lakhs taka. Created a company named ‘Designing’. This company works different foreign customers. He did not go through websites like Odesk and did a lot of work directly. Russell said, ‘I am proud to be a Bangladeshi. Despite the limitations, I am giving priority to Bangladeshi people in my company.
Russell now lives in Bheramara’s village, working at Canada’s Machine Research and Software Foundry Limited. Pay one and a half lakh in the month. The United States also has part-time jobs in the organization. An online marketing company (ororkarktaking) is running a partner in Australia with an entrepreneur. Rasel’s Australian partner has permanently offered him to go and work in that country, but he has returned it with a smile. Broadband internet connection has been received at village home. As a result, outsourcing work has got more speed. Russell’s words, ‘I grew up with the opportunities of this country, so I will not go abroad. I want to take the country very high from my village. ‘
Russell has created a website called, for anyone who can learn from anywhere, learn the work online. Purpose, to eliminate unemployment through information technology education. Anyone can learn to outsource the video tutorials on this site. Totally free. In this way, Russell is spreading from his village to the country, the world-wide. The country is going to take it higher.