Outsourcing Best Sayed Islam

I am Bangladesh Bangladesh going forward with the collective and personal efforts of the people. Bangladesh does not mean just negative news. This is our arrangement of people who are highlighting the country’s faces with their work at home and abroad.

In Canada to study Jobs got the world’s favorite search engine Google But the mind was in Bangladesh. So came back to the country. Once upon a time, through the use of information technology, Said Islam went into a great job. Having spent his own talent and working abroad, he is working in different organizations. As well as earning a lot of jobs, many have given employment as well, as well as the ‘best’ recognition of their work areas.
Let’s explain the working area of ​​Saeed Islam. It is called ‘freelance outsourcing’ in the language. Documents made from various organizations abroad, hospital prescriptions, online marketing, graphic design, web programming, customer service management, data entry etc. are made from low-cost countries such as India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Philippines. And these works are free professionals or freelancers.
Outsourcing work is available on some websites, which are called online marketplace. Kajadata gave the work type, quantity, time limit, bargain there. Freelancers ‘bid’ by telling them how much money they will make. Then turn to work. After finishing the work at the time the dollar came as a freelancer bank.
Saeed Islam is doing this outsourcing work. Odesk.com, the largest website for the job, has published a list of skilled work freelancers last year. Saeed Islam, the globalization division of this list, has achieved the top position among the world. He started work in Odesk in 2010. This site has worked more than four thousand hours. In April of last year, he also took place in the ‘Spot Light Contractor’ list of Odesk.
Born in 1978, Saeed Islam was deeply curious about the technical aspects of his childhood. In 1994, the school and college took part in the festival. But till then there was no computer on my own. He said, ‘In Canada, we moved to 1995, in Canada. We studied computer science at the University of Windsor. Still had to go to friends to use a computer. ‘
Saeed Islam started his career as a ‘technical support’ in Canada in 2001 after completing his studies. Computer software became proficient in many ways. In addition, telecommunication and free operating systems used to do research on Linux. Regarding the work, Said said, “Once the company’s computer problem has been solved, the president of the organization requested that as a” system engineer “to join. I join the Network Technology Institute. There was a good chance of staying in Canada. I also got a job opportunity as a senior system engineer in Google. But I will do something in the country – come back to this thinking. “In 2006, its software firm Bigmessech Communications Limited was launched in Dhaka, whose work he operated from Canada. In 2009, he returned to Dhaka. Outside, it started from Bangladesh as an online game company’s information technology consultant. One and a half years of service to this institution. Since then, it has become fully integrated with outsourcing.
Come back from Canada ‘came, saw, conquered’ – this did not happen to Said. His organization could not do much good in the first year. He said, “Let me work for one and a half years, then start our own organization again. Now my 10 out of 10 children are working in this outsourcing institution.
Saeed Islam won the BASIS Best Freelancer Award 2012. As many as one and a half lakh Bangladeshis are now involved in outsourcing. Successful freelancers like Saeed Islam act as an inspiration for young people.