Search Engine Optimization Bangla Ebook

SEO Bangla Ebook Free Download

Seo Ebook downloadSEO is a method by which search engine optimization is a method by which a website or webpage is used to show search engine users first in the search or search results list. SEO is not a single job, but in many ways a method involving different types of work, is called co-ordinated method.



SEO bangla book Free Download

Usually a search engine’s web crawler or search robot or search spider almost always spends a webpage on another webpage and similarly from one website to another website. This robot or spiderman or crawler collects various information and delivers specialized categories and displays the search engine on the search engine results page according to the user’s searched word or phrase. This crawler emphasizes various topics. The subject can be classified into two parts.

Onpages or topics within the website:

  • Offpage topics

Noteworthy among onpages or inside the website

  • Website title or name
  • The website’s meta description or description
  • Website’s Matte keyword tags
  • Title or name of pictures used on the website
  • Alt tags of images used on the website
  • Captions of pictures used on the website
  • Internal links between websites
  • External links to websites with other websites
  • Connected sounds etc.

Outside pages or websites are:

  • Talk to social shares or social sites
  • Number of links with backlink or other website etc.

These issues make sure that the website appears to be the main function of SEO by making it appear to the search engines. Apart from this, SEO is also working through submissions or surrender of websites to various search engines, advertisements on various prospective websites, or exchange. Recently, search engines are providing the rank of any webpage or social platform of the website with another importance. In this case, the more advanced web pages or social platforms of the site, the better it is to stay in the search engines early.