Sesher Kobita written by Rabindro nath Tagore


shesher kobita

Book Name: shesher kobita

Writer: Rabindro nath Tagore

Pages: 87

Size: 791 KB

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Shesher Kobita: The last poem is a novel by Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindranath’s painting stage second novel (first contact). The essay was published continuously in the expatriate from 1927 (Bhadra Bhabra of 1334) to 1928 (Chaitra of 1334 BS).


The last poem is the biography of the newly educated elite society of the twentieth century Bengal. If the person’s values ​​of value are coming from time to time only – he has a character, in his great measure of prosperity and luminosity. From the real world of experience in the real circle, it is totally inwardly from the world of experience. The strange invention of this novel consciousness is about nearing the novel. Legend of Kalpana is remarkable in each of the episodes of Rabindranath’s episode.


Barrister Amit Roy (‘Umit Ray’) returning to Britain is a very intelligent and romantic young man. The argument is lost to the opponent. This Amit once visited Shillong Hill. And there was a motor accident in which Felani got involved. The result of which is love. But realistically, the realism was realized that Amit is absolutely the people of the romantic world with whom every day does not go for a family reckoning. Kati (Ketaki) has already appeared in Shillong. By showing Amit’s ring, he claims to be his own. Destroyed Lavanya-Amitra wedding-arranged. Ultimately, Amit admits that his love for loveliness is not like water for water – for daily use. And with the help of Ketaki, water is used for drinking- every day to drink.


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