Shankhoneel-karagar written by Humayun Ahmed

“Shankhoneel-karagar” bangla book download

শঙ্খনীল কারাগার pdfBook Name: Shankhoneel-karagar

Writer: Humayun Ahmed

Size: 7.87 MB

Pages: 67

bangla book download

Although this was the first novel written by Humayun Ahmed, it was first published in 1972, “Nandit Narak” published six months after “shankhoneel-karagar” in 1973 ….

Short story
At the beginning of the novel, Khura, Rabeya, Montu Jhunu, Rurun’s mother and wife of Azhar Hossain, Shirin Sultana died after giving birth to her youngest child, Ninoya.

Shirin was the daughter of a very noble family, married ahashar, a shelter in her home, and took home a small house worth 150 rupees …
He could not have become an artist because of his reasons. Love songs, this people have not forgotten the mind … He kept himself covered with an unknown shell. Someone in my father’s house says that his daughter Katichi Shirin is in contact with her boyfriend … big brother came in from time to time. Why do not you step in my father’s house for 23 years? It’s just a big challenge to big girl Rabeya. The day Shrine died, her father came and took the girl back. In the “Who Canon”, Shirin’s own name “Kara Kanan” …………….. Prison prisoner arrested
Suddenly, Azhar’s sudden change happened ……
Khika loves khalatou sister kitaki, maybe kittaki. Someone gets married to say something to someone, one day …