Shofolotar shodupay by Rabindro nath Tagore

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Book Name: Shofolotar shodupay

Writer: Rabindronath Tagore

Pages: 12

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This article was written when there was talk of introducing primary education in Bangladesh in four dialects.
Recently, due to the closure of the proposal, it was dropped at the place of the article.
The main advantage of the exclusive English rule in India is that it is making one nation different from India. Even if the English does not, this unification process will continue to work automatically. Even if the river also thinks that it will divide the country, yet, it can unite the country with one country, carry the trade, create hat-market on the banks of the bank, and can not open the path of travel. In the unequal country, the rule of a foreign king is also the bond of yoga. The blessings of this rule led to the greatness of British rule in India.
It is seen everywhere in the history of the world that, by depriving a party, the good of the other party can not last forever. Religion is established on compatibility, religion is wasted if the consistency is gone, and-
Religion would have been the protection of the Hanti religion.
The English is being sacrificed by the Indian community, but if the English tries to make the English uninterrupted, then the advantage of this one party can not be permanent for a long time, it will cause you to disaster; India’s weakness will not destroy the unarmed empire.
But, there is only a small number of people who have the power to look up the state. Especially, when the temptation is high, the power to see more fades. India will keep us in control forever, if a state statistically thinks of such abnormal words, but surely he forgets the ways of keeping India a long time. It is not possible to keep it forever; it is only to abandon the trees even in the unlawful-fruits of the world- if it was possible to keep it binding, it would have to be reduced to as long as possible.
What is the state policy of weakening the country under which it is to be divided by disunity, not to save power at any place in the country, and to keep all the forces languishing under its control? At that time, the lord of the Orders, Shelley, the worm, tennis, Browning disappeared, and the poet; At the time, Carlyle, Raskin, Matthew-Arnold, and not only, but also took the burden of crying only to the Moorley forest; At that time, Gladstone’s thundering voice was silent and all England was flabbergasted in the face of Chamberlain; At that time, when the flowering of Bhuvanmohon flowers does not grow in the field of literature, only the politics of thornbush is getting impassable; For the time being, for the weakness of the poor, the mercy of the country does not exacerbate the misery; the hungry Imperialism treats the spread of selfishness as greatness; At that time, the land of sparrow has occupied trade and the place of religion has occupied the place of nationalism – it is the state policy of that time.

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