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Bangla book | shunyo-theke-mohabisshoThere was nothing in the beginning of the creation of the Ignorance – without one zero. According to modern science, the origin of everything is ‘zero’. In other words, ‘Na’ has the birth of ‘there’. Looks like a riddle? It is a trick, but not a lie. Modern astronomy and physicists have a firm belief that their evidence is not only visible in nature but also in large part.

Yes, we always have our curious curiosity with zero. We have zero motivation to know the infinite.

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Actually zero and infinite – simultaneously reflections and opponents. Dus has compiled a collection of the mysterious mysteries of the world. They created controversy and skepticism in ancient Greek philosophy, Bharati

On the other thought, the spirit of dualism of spirituality and divine, and the feeling of which is born of the goodwill of the Ganges is the ‘zero’ of mathematics. Scientists Galileo and artist Leonardo de Vinci did not like the mathematics as ‘language of nature’. In addition to mathematics, the notion of the void of physics came in the book. Vacuum is considered very important in the eyes of modern physics. The emptiness of the quantum world is still the dimension of a mythical mystery for modern physicists, in order to uncover the mystery of the origin of the universe. So, the matter of zero is always old, but it will be as old as possible. Almost all the mainstream physicists, including Stephen Hawking, Stephen Wenberg, Allen Guth, André Lindsey, Alexander Villaeng, and Lawrence Cruse, think that our universe has once emerged as a ‘quantum phenomenon’, through quantum fluctuation, absolutely ‘zero’. In the past few years, in the last few years, the research paper on this concept has been published, along with some important popular science books. Books written by renowned physicists working on this matter in hand and in the hand. Among them, MI professor Alan Goth’s ‘The Inflationary Universe’, Russian scientist Alexandre Vilhenkene’s ‘Many Worlds in One’, ‘The Grand Design’ by Stephen Hawking-Malodino, scientist Lawrence Crowes ‘Universe from Nothing’ books. But unfortunately, true, there is no complete book on this widely discussed concept in Bengal. Our expectation is that the book ‘Null to the Universe’ will fill it in much the same way.

The only purpose behind writing this book is to: – Involve interest and curiosity among Bengali-speaking teenagers and young people. Many of today’s children are illuminating Bangladesh’s face in the math Olympiad or the Physics Olympiad, or in the future. Many people may study in physics or mathematics as they grow up. The idea is that they will learn to see ‘zero’ differently after reading this book. ‘Mathematics’ or ‘Science’ is not the name of any scary animal – they are like friends in every corner of life, like a loved one, present in the interview.

But writing the book for children and adolescents would be a big mistake. The book has been a mix of the most modern concepts of mathematics and physics. Many of those ideas have complex mathematical abstraction. It is very difficult for ordinary readers to express in public words. Even after that we have tried our worth. We believe that the book will satisfy the readers of all ages who love mathematics and science. Especially those who are interested in marginal problems of philosophy, mathematics and science; Interested in discovering the work of scientists working on this, they will find many new materials of thought in this book.