SSC Accounting Video Course

Basic Accounting are weak, have been the only course for them. However, for those who have become the ninth-class commerce filling this course very useful. There are no numbers, only the basic issues have been discussed. However, without a good knowledge about basic accounting is not possible to understand the need to memorize it. This course is a course that is very important.

Course Description:
Nine and ten class in this course has been accountancy. The SSC Accounting Each lecture has been arranged in accordance with the examination syllabus. Each chapter of the Accounting Theory + full discussion on the subject will be the sum of all.

Who is this course too?

The ninth and tenth grade students came from the Department of Commerce for the students, but it also applies to students admitted in Accounting.

Number of course syllabus and lecture:

Course teacher brief Introduct:
Md Shah Poran
Tulatali sonamiya Member Home
Tulatali, chayakota, Chandina,
-3510 Chandina, Comilla