SSC Routine -2017 Downlaod

SSC or equivalent examination of the details of the schedule, including 2017 from out

Eight of the 2017 SSC SSC, Dakhil Madrasa Board and SSC and Dakhil Vocational Technical testing is set to begin on February two. The theory test will run until March SSC. On the other hand the practical test will be March 4-11.

Eight general education boards and the SSC and equivalent examinations under Madrasa Board and technical examinations compared to last year increased by one lakh 35 thousand 90 people. Now 17 lakh 86 thousand 613 students will take part in the exam.

8 thousand to three thousand 236 students from 344 educational centers will be. There are eight centers abroad, where the number of students 446 people.

A total of eight SSC board exams to attain 5 to 14 million 900 thousand. In the meantime, students and students of seven million seven hundred and two thousand 299 3 thousand 601 people.

Dakhil examinations under Madrasa Board total of two lakh 56 thousand 501 people, and the Technical Board of the SSC (Vocational), one hundred four thousand 212 candidates will participate.

From 10 am to 1 pm to check in the morning and evening will be held only until noon 5pm. Students in the morning at nine in the morning when you need to enter. Nine papers will be 35 minutes. 2017 SSC and equivalent examinations in the convenience of their schedule given below are as follows:

SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination schedule 2017

Dakhil Exam:- 2017 schedule

SSC vocational final examination timetable 2017

Vocational final exam schedule submitted 2017

Last year, 16 lakh 61 thousand 523 SSC and equivalent examinations of candidates has increased, but the one lakh 35 thousand 613 students.

The total number of students is among the candidates lakh 10 thousand 501 people, and the number of female students eight lakh 76 thousand 112 people.

Like last year, this year will be held before madhyamike emasikiu parts of the test. Will be part of the creative. Bengali second paper of the SSC and the English first and second papers in all matters except being creative question. This year two of the new information and communication technology and career education has been included.

Visually impaired, and those with disabilities caused by cerebral palsy who are not in the hands of candidates with disabilities subscribe (audition author) will be able to take the exam. Such candidates and candidates for hearing impaired 0 minutes extra time has been increased.

Disabilities (autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy) Candidates additional 30 minutes, increasing teacher, parent or helper were given the chance to provide special assistance check..