What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular blog publishing applications in recent times and powerful content management system (CMS), currently 7.5 million websites use 1.2 million people WordPress platform. Through which the site / blog content can be easily customized and customized. Open source blogging software created by php and mysql WordPress has gained popularity in a very short time, because the reason is its simplicity. Also the demand of WordPress customization in the online world is widespread. And for that reason the number of wordpress demand and job counting day by day.

CMS means: Content Management System

How to choose WordPress CMS to learn freelancing? :

WordPress is an open source blogging software that can be used for free. WordPress can customize WordPress without any type of PHP, MySQL or HTML knowledge, Newspaper, corporate website, ecommerce site, classified site, or social media site over-all a website can be created within a few hours. That’s why this CMS’s worldwide popularity is so popular.

Content management system, easy to manage website contents, is a very costly creation of each organization’s own content management system. In this case WordPress is the first choice. Some of the reasons for WordPress’s popularity among CMS are the user-friendly interface, the ease of adding a feature, and search engine friendly structures. WordPress is a free blogging platform in the first phase, which subsequently creates an engine and downloads it for free and then provides access to any blogger. It is possible to create a professional website without WordPress, without any PHP, MySQL or HTML knowledge. In addition to WordPress customization allows you to design any type of site. Thousands of free themes and plugins of WordPress have made this task easier. And for that reason the number of wordpress demand and job counting day by day. Every new work of WordPress is increasing every now and then. The best CMS platform to create any type of website.

What’s the future?

The future of WordPress is bright in my opinion. The reasons are obvious, first of all, gradually you will be a designer from WordPress blog because you will learn HTML, CSS. Then when you learn PHP and MySQL, it will lead you to web developers from web designers. What does that mean? You started with WordPress, the web developer became. And what does a good web developer say about demand or value, much more? Second, you can earn money by blogging using WordPress site. The most discussed topics are currently phrilansing. A well-quality web developer is well-known in the phrilansing market. You can easily take yourself to a place as a good quality freelancer. Thirdly, if you want to open an IT firm, you will be helped by mentally, as a developer. There are many more things out there that I do not want to discuss here. Wherever one can say, the future of WordPress is clear and probable from all.

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