WordPress History

On May 27, 2003, Wrestridge’s pioneer Matt Mulenweg released it for the first time. And until December 2011 WordPress 3.0 version has downloaded more than 65 billion times. Although it is used as a blogging software since the beginning, there are many big websites with WordPress being built nowadays.

From the very beginning, the pioneer of WordPress named B2 and CAFELOG, named WordPress. Since making WordPress, B2 and CAFELOG organizations wanted to host at least 2,000 blogs until May 2003. WordPress CMS-TIFF Framework and MySQL Database Integrated Form It is modernized by Michael Waldrieghyi, who is now the developer of WordPress and official observer of WordPress. Together he is an active member of the B2 Evaluation Project.

WordPress was the first in 2003 to be a small project of B2 Evaluation by Matt Mulenweg and Mike Little. And the name that we now call “WordPress” is the name chosen by the friend of Matt Mulenweg’s Kristin Selke Trimulate.

In 2004, the other blogging software Movable Type, which was created by Six Apart, changed their usage rules, because most of them migrated from WordPress to Movable Type. And this is what spreads the fate of WordPress.

As of October 2009, open source content management system share market reports, WordPress has been able to achieve greater popularity and success as an open source content management system compared to their target in 2009. And this way WordPress has stood high in today’s world court.

Today is up to this! Stay hale and hearty everyone.

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