WordPress setup with SoftaClaus!

WordPress’s popularity as a blogging CMS does not seem to falter. If you want, you can learn HTML, CSS and work in WordPress. However, to be good, you must know PHP and MySQL. Now it is said that you can work in WordPress in two ways.

  1. On a local computer, that means using your PC as a web server, and
  2. On the remote / web server, that means using the internet line. Remotely server can be set up in two ways,
  3. A) directly from the automatic CMS software Pallon,
  4. B) Manually create a database.

In the last part, I have shown how to install WordPress on a local computer. And so, you will see today’s series on WordPress, how to set up WordPress directly from the automatic CMS software panel using Remote / Web server, ie internet line …


  1. Browse in your hosting c-panel. Your C-panel address will be cpanel.yourdomain.com. Enter your domain name in place of yourdomain.com. Again the page will appear as below (if hosting is free, then the login page looks different). Click Login with your user name and password.

  1. Now you have entered the control panel of your hosting. From there, scroll down the mouse and click on the Softaculous link from the software and services section, like the image below …


  1. By clicking on the above Softaculous link you will get the directory pages of Softaculous as below … From this directory you will get all kinds of PHP scripts to install. For example, WordPress, Joomla, PHPBB etc.

  1. Hover the mouse over the WordPress icon and click on the Install button.
  2. You will have to give some information in the WordPress installation page.

Choose Protocol: If you are buying Secure Protocol here for your site then https: // or


If https: // www is the site of the general protocol, then http: // or http: // www. .


Choose Domain: From here you select your domain.


In Directory: If you want to install WordPress in the other directory of your main domain / folder, then enter the directory in the directory. For example, I have written: test. In this case your WordPress will be installed and your website address: yourdomain.com/test


Database Name: Enter the name of the desired database for your wordpress here. When your users register in this database, their information will be collected and stored.


Table Prefix: No changes needed here.


Site Name: Enter your site name here. Eg: Tutohost.Com (can change later)


Site Description: Please describe your site here. For example: Fastest and Reliable Hosting Provider (Can change later)


Admin Username: Enter your desired username. Such as: admin


Admin Password: Enter your desired password. Eg 123456 (can change later)


Admin Email: Enter your desired email address. However, it must be valid. Because later you may need this emailet to change a lot. (Can change later)


Language: English


Click on Install button.


  1. You can see the Installation Progress page as below …

  1. If everything is okay, in a few seconds, you will get the wordpress installation message like the following. With your WordPress installed directory address and wordpress admin panel address you get the following …

  1. You will receive an email with your WordPress username, login password, admin panel address, and the email that you used in the admin email.

9. Browse your site URL now………………….