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WordPress’s future?

WordPress bright future in my opinion. For obvious substitutions, first, gradually you will be because you are a designer from Blogger to WordPress, HTML, CSS learn. And when you learn maisikuyela PHP and web designer himself will take the side of the web developer. That’s what you got? If you started with WordPress, became a web developer. A good web developer did not say whether the demand for or price, too. Secondly, if you are using WordPress site and you can earn money by blogging.

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At the present time the most discussed topics puritanism. In the market for a good quality web developers to respect puritanism. You can easily take a place as a freelancer can be of good quality. Third, if you want to open an IT firm, the mentality that will help you, as a developer. And a lot of things out there that I do not want to discuss here. Where one is, the clear and the future potential of WordPress.