WordPress :: Why Learn, How to Learn

WordPress :: Why Learn, How to Learn (with Resources)

The most commonly used blogging and publishing platform WordPress at the present time. Corporate Solutions is starting from personal blogs in all respects. Many sites have been created, as well as the demand for wordpress developers has increased in multiplication. In the last few years, which was visible, and despite the economic crisis, this demand has not diminished.

In fact, CMS-based websites are increasingly increasing, while WordPress is the most widely used. According to a report given by Smallbizzards, at least 19 percent of the internet world’s website is now built on the WordPress platform. Considering the tech sites, it will be close to 50 percent. Moreover, some of the world’s nominal companies, such as Ford Motors, NASA have also built their own website on the WordPress platform. And in 2014, this trend is expected to grow more and more.

What is the comparative rate of wordpress usage compared to other CMS in the website, it is very well understood from this diagram of Wthritex. According to ThemeShacker, a company that is working successfully with WordPress, this year, the wordpress theme development will reign in the world of the web. Because the design trend determines how much a theme can be attractive to a customer.

Moreover, according to the online employment report of the Elders, the demand for work in WordPress and PHP is on top of the demand. So far, the work has been posting 2 lakh 24 thousand one hundred and nine, the growth is 8 percent. The average budget for jobs is $ 980 and the work per hour is $ 19. As well as in other marketplaces, wordpress development work posted daily.

Which you need to know

One thing must be straightforward, it’s hard work to be a skilled WordPress developer. However, if it is planned, it is possible to learn. To work with WordPress theme development, you must know HTML, CSS. In addition to the need to know PHP and MySQL for jquery, javascript and backend development. And if you know the use of HTML, CSS and WordPress framework for WordPress theme customization only. However, if you can install some WordPress tutorials and some customizations by reading some tutorials, then no one can become a skilled developer. That’s why he might have been called an expert. To be skilled, there is plenty of labor, talent and time required. So try to be more than an expert.

Why should be the best developer!

First tell me why not? If you want to do something good then why stay on average! There are many people in this situation, think of doing something more than them. There are also some reasons to be superior.

Income Assurance: The demand for wordpress development is high as well, and in this case, the client does not pay for the payment of the best developers.

Best Clients to Choose: When you take yourself to the top of success, you will find the freedom of work. Do not do any work yourself. If you like it, say “yes”, otherwise say “no”.

Build your kingdom: The best means that you also have some responsibilities, the ability to determine the future of WordPress.

How to learn:

There are many resources to learn wordpress, thousands of people are talking online Finding the best resources in this racket is really very painful. So if you want to learn something better, choose the best quality resources, and pay attention to it. Here are some resources.

WordPress codex:

If you want to go from the very basic to mastering stage, the best resource is WordPress codex. Because it has been made in the same way as the users considering it. Moreover, theme design and plugin development can learn.

WordPress Books

There are numerous books on WordPress. Do not start to understand your own interests and see what happens. Do not understand, from which one can start! No problem, see the book “WordPress for Dummies” in the Dummies series. The book is quite a work. But do not forget to mention the book that reads, as soon as the book finishes, write a review on it and thank the author.

WordPress Blog:

Find the best blogs, subscribe feeds. Read regular updates and give feedback. Some favorite blogs are Smashing Magazine, WordPress Tutorials, WordPress Candy.

Websites that may be useful:







To be a top WordPress developer, there must be continuous continuous training to maintain the skills, practice, the desire to work. The process started with deliberate focus on education and continued with extensive practical experience with time. Today,so far, I’m finished.