Create your WordPress menu in 3 columns

Create your WordPress menu in 3 columns

I will discuss with you today “how do you make your WordPress blog’s menu in 3 columns. This means that when someone places the mouse on your WordPress blog’s menu, the sub menu will drop down to 3 columns.

I bought a WordPress plugin a few days ago for doing this kind of mega menu. My cost was 16 dollars in total. But now using this plugin, I understand that my money was not lost. Because I know CSS and HTML is fairly well, but it would be a good idea to do this menu. So now I’m working with this plugin without code.

Let’s look at the identity of this plugin:

  • Plugin name “ubay menu” This is a WordPress premium plugin. Published from Codecanyon.
  • Plugin price is $ 16. This plugin has been sold in plenty.
  • You can easily create any kind of mega menu using this plugin.
  • You can give details of the icon or category of icons and categories beside each of your menus.
  • The plugin can be used once on a single page.
  • Installation is normal, as other plugins are installed.
  • Setting is also very easy, can do everything manually.
  • Fly Out, Mega Menu, Normal Menu, Image Menu, This plugin can be used.
  • Completely Responsive Plugin

You can visit the plugin’s official site to see the plugin’s demo.