The Secret of the World richest Bill Gates

Bill Gates is Microsoft’s co-founder of the US-based technology firm. He is on top of the list of the world’s richest people made by Forbes, the internationally renowned magazine. The total value of his wealth is 76 billion or 7 thousand 60 billion US dollars. In the last one year, the value of his wealth increased 9 billion dollars. While studying at Harvard University, he wrote Basic Programs with fellow students and friend Paul Allen. Then, by creating software, revolutionizing the computing world. Slowly his business, including Microsoft, started to spread. Task is added to merit with merit One of the world’s richest, most admired and influential people in the world, has made the effort and determination to touch the dream.
He touched the elusive dream due to the unique qualities of being so devoted, devoted to work. But how does Bill Gates want to know the secret of so much success, the answer that he gives the answer is astonishing to everyone. What is the secret of having her wealthy? His answer is, ‘The first principle of success for us is that, always bring the work of very smart people. If we can not motivate appropriate people to move forward in the future, then behind them will be an inevitable consequence. In the meanwhile, the company will be either large or medium of good, not good or bad. I chose a lazy person to work hard. Because, a lazy person found the easy way to accomplish the task.

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